Monday, January 19, 2009

What's up with Facebook?

Ok, so I joined Facebook a couple weeks ago and I kind of became addicted. I can't stop checking my updates even when there's NOTHING happening on it.

I have around 30 "friends", most of whom are either relatives or friends that I've had for a long time. The others are people from my past; i.e. High School friends, people who I would have never contacted in real life but kinda wondered "what ever happened to them".

I'm actually getting kind of bored with it. I think I've found as many people as I think I can, or at least the ones who want to be found. Some people who asked to be my friend probably just came a knockin' to check out my pictures to see "whatever happened to kj....".

Not really sure what to make of Facebook. I can't even see how this would be a good dating tool, if that was your first intention for starting with it. People share things, post pictures, stay kind of in contact... Wouldn't you just do that all in your normal life? Don't people stay in touch with eachother the "old fashioned" way anymore?

I'm sure it has it's positives and it's a great tool for certain people, but for me, it's just another something to pull me away from my household/Mother/Wife duties, and that's not good.

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