Monday, November 10, 2008

The Perfect Hormonal Storm

Three things happened this week:
1) I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease
2) My "Aunt Flo" came for her monthly visit
3) I turned 39

Obviously, I was an emotional crying mess for most of the week. Not because I turned 39. That number does not bother me. Not eating pasta, bread, pizza, and pretty much everything else I love bothers the hell out of me.

I started to understand the gravity of being gluten-free on Saturday when we went to our niece's birthday party. The only things I could eat there was fruit, olives, pickles and corn chips. No chili, no sub sandwich, no dips, no cake. I was quite hungry by the time I got home and while warming up plain white rice for dinner, I melted down. I couldn't hold back the tears any more.

C was understanding and consoling. He went and got my big chocolate birthday cake and MADE me eat a piece. Man it was good, but I paid for it with pains a half-hour later.

At fellowship after church on Sunday, my only gluten-free food choices were grapes. The boys scarfed down brownies, cakes, crackers and cookies, while I dreamed of all the weight I will loose.

My parents came up to spend the afternoon and mom brought up all kinds of gluten-free foods that I can eat. So thoughtful.

My friend CA sent me more gluten-free foods for my birthday. Tears came to my eyes when I realized what was in the box--food I can actually eat!

I am waiting to meet with the nutritionist on the 20th. C doesn't want me to quit "cold turkey". I'm just confused. I need clarification. And a bagel.

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Allie said...

hey! thanks for visiting my blog... yes, I'm back to posting, it's been a crazy few weeks/months.

so I see you're fairly recently diagnosed! blogs help SO MUCH. That was really why I started mine - I found a ton of support through reading blogs, and writing my own. After you do it for a year or so, it gets to be almost easy, and you realize how much better you're feeling so that really changes your perspective.

Sure - occasionally I want to grab a chocolate frosted donut from Dunkin - then I think about how tired I was, the pain in my stomach, etc etc - so I get myself a Kinnikinnick donut from the freezer! Just as good!

hope it's going well for you... looks like you have your hands full with the boys at home! Fun!