Thursday, November 06, 2008

Celiac wha?

So, I miss-diagnosed myself a couple months back. I am not lactose intolerant. I am gluten intolerant.

I saw a doctor, he ordered blood tests and then I had an upper endoscopy done last week and it confirmed that I have Celiac Disease. This, for me is worse than being lactose intolerant. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm just praying that none of my kids have it since it is genetic.

So far, this is my favorite site on Celiac Disease:
(no, I don't know how to put the link in without showing all this...)

I have been plesantly surprised going through my pantry finding things that are "gluten-free" already, like my favorite beef and chicken broth base and my vitamin C tablets.

I see a nutritonist on the 20th of November, so that should be a good start.
Off to go eat a carrot.


Mandajuice said...

My sister was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about two years ago. It was hard at first, but once she made the changes to her diet, she started feeling WAY better. She lost 40 pounds and has never been healthier. She doesn't crave the foods she used to eat AT ALL (mostly since they always made her feel like crap!)

Okie Sister said...

I read another blog that talks about being gluten free, it's called Red Dirt Ramblings. There are recipes and links on it to other gluten free sites. Hope it helps.

MomCanCook said...

here's how you do that link thing:
I know how to do this now!

I hope you adjust to your new condition soon! (Found you via bossy.)

MomCanCook said...
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MomCanCook said...

That didn't really clear it up, did it. It's like this, but get rid of all the single quotes.

'<'a href=""'>'I know how to do this now!'<'/a'>'