Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've got a crush on you

So, here she is. The purse of my dreams. Oh how I love thee. Soon, you will be mine.
She's a Fossil Gabby Crossbody. She's on hold at Younkers and I'm headed there tomorrow. Tomorrow is their Customer Appreciation sale, so she will be mine at a lower cost.

I've never spent that much on a purse. Well, when I first saw it on the shelf, I was immediately drawn to it. Loved the style, loved the color, loved the practicality of it. It's the perfect size for my "stuff", there's a place for my cell, the strap is adjustable, etc.
So the country is in a depression and I'm spending $$ on a stinkin' purse. I'll be using my birthday money from last year, people. It's not like I'm adding to the national debt.

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