Friday, February 29, 2008

The one where I gave my husband a shopping list

Here's what I emailed my hubby at work for him to stop and pick up :

2 packs Crescent rolls (in dairy)
2 granny smith apples
1 can Mt. Dew
vanilla icecream
beets ( I prefer cubed, but sliced are ok)
salsa or con queso

I need ideas for meals for the weekend. Any requests?

And he emailed back:
Not those damn crescent rolls again….I am going to be sitting there for ½ hour again trying to figure out which ones to buy…..what kind?

1 can of Dew?

They don’t have those apples at the Pig. The ones we have at home won’t work? Do they have to be Granny Smiths?

You need me to pick out meals at the store?

So I replied:
They are called Pillsbury Crescent rolls. There's 8 in a tube. It's got that cute dough-boy on the front. Blue tube.

The recipe calls for 1 can of Mt. Dew. You do the math.

I need GRANNY SMITH apples. They're green and round. Find them.

No, I need meal ideas so I can make sure I have the needed ingredients here to cook for you.

So then...I get a phone call where he tells me that my last e-mail sounded "mean" and I could barely hear him through the tantrum that was happening on the floor next to me. And he wonders why I was in a "mean" mood.

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20LittleToes said...

You must be making the recipe from Pioneer Woman? I was just drooling over that. Let me know how you like it. :D

And yes... I often get the "you sound mean" phone calls. I've invited my husband to stay home and take care of the girls while I go out to work but he never answers me. hmmm..