Thursday, February 28, 2008

AI week 2--the girls

Who I liked:
Brooke--even though the song did not challenge her at all (and the judges told that to lots of others, they must like her)
Kristy Lee--cute outfit, cute hair, good performance
Syesha--she's cute and sang ok

Who I didn't like:
Alexandria--what was she wearing? outfit did not fit the song, singing not that great either
Amanda--what was up with that hair??? Song was not good for her, dawg.
Kady--liked her dress, though
Ramiele--what was up with her stage performance? was she stuck to the floor? awkward. her outfit was strange too.
Aliana--not good, hair was bad, song was bad, gap in teeth is bad....

Can't remember performance by:
Asia'h---what's up with her name?

Carly---was ok I guess. not a big fan of hers.

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