Monday, November 09, 2009

But I don't act 40

So, I turned 40 on Saturday.
Turned out to be not that big of a deal.

The day started out with hugs and kisses from my boys. J couldn't wait for me to open up my presents and I wasn't gonna turn away presents!

C made breakfast which included a HUGE mushroom and cheese omelet for me. YUM.

Then everyone promptly left the kitchen and headed outside. Back to reality for me.

I then baked my own birthday cake. A Betty Crocker gluten free devil's food cake in my new giant cupcake pan. I did not have enough batter to completely fill the bottom half of the cupcake so the end result looked more like a short mushroom rather than a GIANT cupcake... oh well. It tasted awesome.

That evening, we went to our niece's 6th birthday party. After singing "happy birthday" to her, the group proceeded to sing it to me... with me having to sing "I'm forty years old..." Turns out, I'm not afraid of public singing. Who knew?

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