Tuesday, February 17, 2009

T minus 11 days

We leave for the Keys in 11 days.
What do I have ready to go, you ask? nada.
Have I tried on any summer clothes to see if they fit yet? nope.
Have I made reservations for adventures we want to do down there yet? negative.

I do have a new swim suit.
I do have child care set up.
I have a tentative menu set up for them while we're gone. (but I haven't shopped yet)
We have our flights, car and B&B booked.

AND, I have found a cute deli-like restaurant that caters to gluten-free customers--YEAH! At least I know I'll get to eat down there!

Gosh, I better get packin'.

1 comment:

Marlow said...

The Keys are GORGEOUS!!