Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not the one

So, every year, we try to find a good picture to put on our Christmas card. This year is no different.

We went to a children's Christmas Party hosted by C's company and I was hoping to get all of them by Santa.

When I asked M if he wanted to say hi to Santa he said, "No way!".

I asked E and he said "No".

J could take it either way.

The closest we got to Santa was about 50 feet away. So no cute Santa picture this year.

I did get this picture. While it's cute and all, I wanted them all looking towards me. Picky, I know. I'm just very particular on the picture we send out. I've gotten some really bad Christmas card picture cards from people. I don't want ours to be one of them.

Oh well, I've got a couple weeks yet, right?

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