Monday, November 12, 2007

Toy Catalogs are the Devil

Can I get an "Amen"?!

Don't know about you but when the never ending supply of Christmas toy catalogs come rolling into my home, I start sweating and cringing with every one. My oldest son thinks that they are so awesome; he takes them to school with him to ponder while riding on the bus. We have so many toys in this house I cannot imagine MORE coming in after his birthday in two weeks.

He spent about 30 minutes pondering the Toys "are" Us catalog, circling nearly everything he wanted. I had him go back and mark his top 10 things. Once he did that, I had him get out the calculator and add up all 10 items. The total was over $600. He was shocked at the amount of money it came to. Not shocked enough to shave the list down himself, so...

I had him mark his top 3 in the order of "most wanted" item being #1. Now we have birthday gift ideas and we know what Santa will bring...

Call me sneaky or frugal. Both work for me.


everydaylou said...

I think you are dead on. After all, on Christmas morning there is always the one wow factor toy that they keep coming back to, so I have started doing just one or two toys- and usually only one of them is a big deal toy.

They are just as happy and I'm not tripping over tiny bits of plastic cursing lol!

Mule Shoe Farm said...

Amen Sister. Say it again. Same thing here. It's like every page gets three or four things circled and the catalogs go EVERYWHERE with them.

But it's not us that indulges the toy fantasy, It's G-ma who thinks that unless they have so many gifts they drop from exhaustion on Xmas day, she didn't do Xmas right.

We're thinking about going out of town in December. Seriously.